Asenso Metro 3rd Burial Assistance Program, “Tabang sa Kalisod”


            The ASENSO METRO 3RD BURIAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM  provides  access to funeral and burial services  to qualified residents of the Third District of Negros Occidental.

            The PROGRAM brings together the resources and efforts of the Local Government Units (LGUs) of the Third District with the leadership and initiative of Congressman Alfredo Benitez, formalizing its district-wide implementation with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).


          The PROGRAM is open to all bona-fide residents of the cities of Talisay, Silay and Victorias, and the municipalities of E.B. Magalona and Murcia.  The claimant is the resident who requests for burial assistance for a deceased  immediate family member.  The beneficiary who is the deceased must also be a bona-fide resident of the Third District.


           With the signing of the MOU and formal launching of the PROGRAM on July 3, 2017, the implementation of the PROGRAM starts.  The MOU sets the duration of the program for two years,  July 2017 to July 2019.


           All LGUs have designated   Technical Working Groups tasked to properly implement the PROGRAM.  Each LGU has a designated  office to receive and process requests for burial assistance.  Requests received by the Congressional District Office will be endorsed for processing and action to the claimant’s city or municipality.


            The claimant must process all requirements within forty-five (45) working days after death of the family member :

  1. Duly accomplished request form for burial assistance
  2. Photocopy of voter’s ID/voter certification or any government-issued ID of claimant
  3. Certificate of residency of claimant stating his/her relationship with deceased
  4. Certified True Copy of Death Certificate
  5. SSS/GSIS verification letter
  6. Duly accomplished Burial Assistance Program Form

          Qualified beneficiaries will receive burial assistance depending on the following circumstances:

                *Ten Thousand Pesos (Php 10,000.00) for deceased who is not   
                   a member of the Social Security System (SSS), Government
                   Service Insurance System (GSIS) or any private insurance.
                *Five Thousand Pesos (Php 5,000.00) for deceased who is a
                   member of the SSS, GSIS  or any  private insurance.                         
                   Also for the deceased who is below  18 years of age, including
                   the newborn.

            The beneficiary or the deceased can only receive burial assistance once.  In cases where there are more than one claimants for only one beneficiary, the claimant who is the nearest of kin will receive the burial assistance.


            When Cong. Albee started his first term in 2010, he committed to bring change in the delivery of programs and services through a new mind-set in governance and public service.

            Working on his I-HELP (infra-health-housing-social services-livelihood-policy ) Programs, he led LGUs to convergence and synergy to transform lives of constituents by veering away  from traditional ways.  His focus is always on  thinking outside the box and innovation to ensure that basic services and development are readily accessible to all.

            For the first time in the Third District, a basic need of constituents to cope with the inevitable loss of a loved one – the grief and expenses, is attended to and the delivery of this assistance  is now integrated and institutionalized for residents from all walks of life.